The Top 5 Reasons Why People Do Pilates

Apr 23, 2021

The Top 5 Reasons Why People Do Pilates

Have You Ever Thought About Doing Pilates?

It is always important for us to understand why our clients come to us to do Pilates. This enables us to tailor the classes to our clients
needs. You then get the most benefit from classes.

Quite often, we hear of people who are not quite sure what Pilates is all about. Sometimes they’ve been told to attend a class as they’ve
been suffering from back pain. Some aren’t sure if Pilates is really for them. They don’t like going to an exercise class with other people they don’t know.

Well, let me tell you NOW, to put any fears behind you. There is no time like the present to take hold of your health and get started.

We have asked our clients why they want to do Pilates and I’ve gathered our top 5 reasons: –

  1. People Who Suffer With Back Pain

This is one of the most talked about reasons why people come to do Pilates. And rightly so! The research out there suggests that Pilates is
a great form of exercise to help people recover from back pain. Our Government guidelines on treating back pain also advise on exercise to help treat back pain, so why not do Pilates as this ticks both boxes!

2. People want to improve their flexibility and strength

Pilates is definitely an exercise form that helps with overall strength and flexibility. We work on lots of arm, leg, abdominal and back strengthening exercises as well as mobility and stretching. It’s like I always say, ‘doing something, is better than nothing’! I see this all the time at class. I hear it from my clients. After attending Pilates for a period of time, people really feel the benefit and are surprised at how far they have come. They feel more flexible and stronger. When this happens, they start to feel less back pain too. WIN, WIN!

I’d also like to stress that Pilates will help you get stronger and help tone the body, but it will certainly not build big muscle bulk as this requires a different form of training.

3. It will help with relaxation

In Pilates we us a lot of breathing to help with the exercise. This breathing along with focusing the mind on movement helps the mind and body to relax. We focus on control of specific movements which helps the body parts not being used in that specific exercise to relax. As the mind focuses on certain movements, this helps to take our minds away from any stressful thoughts thus giving further relaxation.

4. Some people don’t like going to a busy gym

This is true. We use a studio at the clinic. The classes are private and there is no loud energy pumping music. The ambience of these venues really lends itself to a more relaxed atmosphere where you can feel at home and exercise with no pressure

5. Pilates will help improve my core strength

Pilates is known for strengthening the core. Most of the exercises actually encourage to be aware of and engage the core muscles whilst you are moving other parts of your body. You will see significant improvement in your abdominal strength and toning of the abdomen when you have been doing Pilates for a period of time.

I’d also like to add, you may not quite see the six pack develop as again you need to be on a very specific diet to allow for this.


If you see yourself agreeing with any of the points above, then maybe you could be doing Pilates too. It’s also a great way to get out there have fun(most important) and meet new people.


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