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We are one of Northern Ireland’s leading back pain specialist clinics, helping people stay active, keep mobile and doing the things they love doing, without the need for painkillers.

Conditions we treat

Back pain
Ligament injuries
Elbow pain
Shoulder pain
Hamstring injuries
Knee pain
Arthritic pains
Muscular strains
Sports injuries
Neck pain
Frozen shoulder
Ankle sprains
Achilles pain
Running injuries
Golf injuries
Soft tissue injuries
ACL reconstruction
Occupational Health issues
Post-surgery rehabilitation

Techniques we use

Manual therapy

Joint mobilisations

Soft tissue release

Myofascial release

Posture assessment



Kinesio taping


'Be Activated' technique

Trigger point release

Exercise rehabilitation

“Look Who Else Came Looking For Specialist Physio At Gav Noble Physiotherapy, And Left Feeling Much Healthier In A Short Period Of Time”

"I had been experiencing knee pain, a hot burning sensation in both knees for several months, then I began to have heel pain too for approximately three months. The pain progressed, it was difficult to wear shoes and my feet were very stiff and sore, especially in the mornings when I put my feet to the ground and when walking up and down stairs. I stopped all my usual leisure activities as I thought rest would help my knees and heels. Dog walking, yoga and cycling were greatly missed and I was becoming more and more anxious and stressed about the length of time it was going to take to solve these problems.
I discussed my pains with my yoga teacher who agreed a break from class would probably be best, she recommended heel exercises which helped, we thought it was an Achilles heel prob.
Doctors appointments followed and a course of anti inflammatory tabs were prescribed for inflamed joints showing wear, if tabs didn't work a referral to a physio would be considered but that could take several weeks. I did not feel much benefit from first course of tablets. I was disheartened and didn't start the stronger ones prescribed.
A friend, a dedicated basketball player recommended a sports physio in Newry. I hadn't been to a physiotherapist before, to be honest I didn't really know what to expect, I was just keen to find an answer to what exactly was causing this pain and what I needed to do to help myself recover and get back to what I usually do. I wanted further advice, the correct exercises and a recovery plan asap not just painkillers to numb the pain! My husband googled sports physio's in Lisburn and I contacted Gavin.
I was happy with Gavin and the advice he gave me right from our initial telephone conversation. I made an appointment and completed my new patient forms prior to my visit. This was a great benefit as it didn't eat into the consultation or treatment time and I definitely left feeling the fee was for the duration of the full appointment time with Gavin and not half spent on a paper exercise, money well spent.
I was delighted with the whole service. I experienced great pain relief immediately and have an exercise recovery plan to build up and strengthen my weak areas. I am two weeks into the exercise plan and I know its working. The treatment and advice relieved more than my pain, it has eased my worry and stress and I am walking my dogs and back on my bike! I have recommended Gavin and his Physiotherapy to family & friends & many since my visit, I am just delighted at the change it has made for me.
Thank you Gavin"

Arlene Coffey

Gavin Noble Physiotherapy offers a well established rehabilitation service delivering a holistic approach to each individual’s health and wellbeing with a range of assessments and treatments.

They develop individual and appropriate packages of treatment, giving specialist and professional advice to patients, helping them to understand and address their condition.

In addition, they offer appointment reminders and video’s outlining agreed exercise plans, which is further testament to the overall organisation of the whole practice and an element which I find particularly useful.

Their premises are engaging, clean and most of all friendly.

Karen Martin, Lisburn

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