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Are You Looking To Do Pilates From The Comfort Of Your Home?

Are you stuck at home?
Do you want to be mobile and strong?
Is your daily activity suffering?
Do you feel yourself stiffening up?
Can’t get out of the house to exercise?
We understand that some people want to do some exercise and aren’t always comfortable in a class. We also understand that getting out to a class can be difficult too, by he time you get home from work, have dinner, help out with homework, and sort out jobs around the house.
We understand.
You can just lose track of time.
Plus, at this time, when you are restricted to your home, you can’t get out to class.
Thankfully, we are able to bring Pilates to you and into the comfort of your home!

So How Does Online Pilates Work?

All you need to do is check out our timetable below. Find a class that is suitable for you and follow the instructions to book. As soon as you book a class, you will be sent a zoom link to the class. Then just before your class begins, click on the link and hey presto, you will be joining the class.

Do I Need Any Equipment?

The equipment you require is a laptop, ipad or smart phone(make sure to download the zoom app).
You will need a Pilates mat or towel and a small head block or cushion for your head. This should be all you need to get started.
If you need any further equipment for classes then please ask your instructor how you can get these, We do stock certain items in the clinic.

Why Do Online Pilates?

Like we said before, Pilates is an excellent form of exercise to help you stay mobile and active. We don’t want you to stiffen up, especially as we all get older.
And, on the plus side, we like to have fun with our classes. We love the feedback we get, and there is great camaraderie between everyone.

I’ve Never Done Pilates Before. Where Do I Start?

Please just contact the clinic and let us help you get started in the right class. We have new people starting all the time in our classes. Our instructors are specialist physiotherapists. In class, they are able to observe your movements and help make adjustments and modify exercises to levels that are manageable to all levels of practitioner.

What Next?

Feel free to look at the timetable below. Either contact the clinic for more information or book your place from the timetable below.