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On this blog page feel free to use the search bar below to find lost of useful and FREE information articles about back pain, knee pain, pilates, orthotics, neck pain, shoulder pain and healthy tips. If you need any ore information, please feel free to contact the clinic.

Let’s look at metatarsalgia

Focus on Metatarsalgia What is Metatarsalgia? Metatarsalgia is a medical term used to describe pain that occurs in the ball of the foot. This occurs due to rubbing of the long bones of the foot, called metatarsals, causing inflammation....

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8 Top Tips For Optimal Stretching Results

8 Top Tips For Optimal Stretching Results   How do you stretch properly? While there are many benefits to be gained from effective stretching, employing an improper technique can actually result in injury. Here are some tips and...

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Can You Train Your Balance?

Can You Train Your Balance?   Maintaining balance is a complex process that your body does automatically. The body uses various systems to maintain balance, and if one system fails, the others compensate to keep you stable. You may not...

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Positional Vertigo

Positional Vertigo   What is it?   Vertigo, the feeling that you are moving even though you aren’t, is an unpleasant yet common experience caused by a variety of conditions. It may surprise you to learn that in some cases your...

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Top things you need to know about growing pains

Growing Pains   Are growing pains real?   The short answer is that yes, growing pains are a real and usually harmless part of childhood. Though poorly understood, they are recognized as a common phenomenon occurring most often between the...

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All you need to know about cervicogenic headaches

All you need to know about cervicogenic headaches   What is it?   Headaches are a generic term for any pain in the cranial region. They can be caused by a variety of factors and there are many different types. A severe headache...

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Physio Tips for Comfortable Travel

Physio Tips for Comfortable Travel   Travel can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of life, however if a trip away comes with the risk of increased pain and soreness, the excitement can be thoroughly diminished. Many people will...

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DO YOU HAVE PAIN DURING RUNNING? Running has become the most popular form of physical exercises over the past decade. It's all about how to manage pain during running. Initiatives such as the Park Run have boosted the number of runners on...

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6 Top Tips To Reduce Running Injuries

6 Top Tips To Reduce Running Injuries HOW TO REDUCE THE RISK OF RUNNING INJURIES 6 TOP TIPS Marathon training season has well and truly started. Are you preparing for the London or Belfast marathon? Are you preparing for an upcoming half...

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Tips For Successful New Year’s Resolutions

Tips For Successful New Year's Resolutions   The start of the new year is an exciting time where many of us feel inspired to set goals with the aim to improve our health, finances and overall wellbeing. Many of us have tried to set...

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