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New for 2018

We are one of the first places in Northern Ireland to be able to offer these beautifully
constructed, bespoke, custom fit flip flops!

Do you enjoy the freedom of flip flops?
Are you put off wearing flip flops as your feet get no support?
Do you find you can’t wear flip flops as your flip flops are not designed for orthotics?
Would you like to keep looking after your joints wearing comfortable flip flops?
Would still like to keep those joint pains at bay by being able to wear supportive flip flops?

Custom Fit To your feet

Custom Fit To your feet

Give your feet the support they deserve in Flip Flops!

Beautifully countoured

Perfect for people suffering with back pain, knee pain, foot pain, plantar fascitis

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then we may just have the answer for you!

We are now able to provide you with custom fit flip flops that will continue to look after your feet whenever you have taken off your shoes with their orthotics inside.

There’s now no need to worry about going on holiday and wondering if you should wear flip flops as the lack of support will make you knee pain or back pain worse.

These custom fit devices are perfect for you. We use the latest scanning technology, to get a precise impression of your feet, transfer that information to you flip flops, to give you the perfect fitting pair of flip flops.

You will then be able to go on holiday, knowing that your feet will be comfortable, and well looked after!

What To Do Next…

“Choose Which One Works Best For You…”

You could start by making an enquiry about the cost of the the right flip flops you’d be interested in wearing.

Option 1
Enquire About The Cost And Payment Options Of Prescription Flip flops,

Or, Maybe You’d Like To Talk To One Of Our Physios On The Phone Before You Go Any Further…

If you’re not quite sure about custom fit flip flips, or you’d just like to discuss your suitability and find out for certain if your health and lifestyle needs CAN be helped by you wearing these new flip flops, then a good place to start is by talking to one of our Specialist Physios on the phone.

What People are saying about custom fit flip flops…

A BIG THANK YOU for ordering up my flip-flops, trying them out now and I have to say they are fabulous! Super super comfy and just perfect! 😊.