7 Great Things To Do In Lisburn If You Didn’t Have Back Pain

Apr 23, 2021

Stay Active and Healthy! Get Out And See What Lisburn Has To Offer

Lisburn is a great place to live, with
numerous amazing attractions that people from all over the region come to see.
Unfortunately, many people right here in the Lagan Valley area are unable to
fully enjoy these attractions due to suffering from low back pain.

Not only are they not enjoying life to its
fullest, playing with their children or grandchildren, and just getting through
the day without nagging aches, but

worry about doing too much and
paying for it later

. The Lisburn area is full of amazing things to do and see,
but back pain can significantly limit you from enjoying them.

Of all these great things to do, here is
our top 7:-



Located in the heart of Lisburn and
covering 25 acres of mature parkland, Wallace Park is ideal for families, with
an excellent children’s play area and a variety of gentle walks. There are
football matches played regularly, tennis courts/club and Lisburn Cricket Club
have their ground in the centre of the park. There
is even has a Parkrun every Saturday morning.



an 18-lane bowling arena. It has state of the art, fully computerised AMF lanes
with full surround sound. ‘The Warehouse’ function space and 4 private lanes
holds up to 50 people for family occasions and corporate events.


Valley LeisurePlex pool

Northern Ireland’s largest leisure pool, competition pool
and fun pools. The interactive ‘Aqualand’ area
offers water slides, a see saw, swings, bicycles and waterfalls to be enjoyed
by children under 10 years of age.


Forest park

Hillsborough Forest, set within the
historic landscape of Large Park, offers the visitor 150 acres of mixed
woodland in which to walk and relax with nature.

The forest is set in the picturesque
village of Hillsborough and is adjacent to Hillsborough Fort. Way-marked routes
provide a variety of different walks through the forest, which covers an area
of almost 200 acres. The whole of the lake area is a forest wildlife sanctuary
and is home to a wide variety of birds and animals.


Glen Forest park

Colin Glen Forest Park is a beautiful wooded glen
near Dunmurry at the base of the Belfast Hills and home to the famous

Gruffalo Trail

. Home to a range of wildlife, a wilderness in the
heart of Belfast, our Forest Park offers beautiful walks, exhilarating runs,
and some spectacular outdoor activities as well as a purpose built multisports
complex. Regular fitness events happen throughout the park including Parkrun
and Couch to 5k. Latest additions to the park include Northern Ireland’s first

Gruffalo Trail

with characters from the story book located
throughout the forest park.


Valley towpath

The Lagan Towpath is the most popular
outdoor resource in Northern Ireland with over 1.4Million users recorded
annually. It provides 11 miles / 17km of continuous
off-road public access linking the cities of Belfast and Lisburn. The river and
canal system form the backbone of the Lagan Valley Regional Park. It has some
of the most spectacular scenery along the route, and down through all the


Linen Centre and Lisburn Museum

The Museum


to collect, safeguard and interpret artefacts and information
relating to the Irish linen industry and the history of Lisburn and the Lagan

Are you
one of those who fears getting out of the house for too long? Are you scared to
go out and about and enjoy the things Lisburn offers? Can you see yourself at
Lisburn leisureplex pool with your children? Does sitting cause pain which
keeps you driving to the different areas of this city? Does thinking about walking
around the Hillsborough Forest park cause you to fear waking up the next day?
Are you NOT taking in the sites and sounds of this Great City because you are
so concerned you will not enjoy it because of the nagging pain and aches you
suffer with?

IF so, there is
HOPE for you, or someone you love who continues to suffer.

Does getting out and about, without fear
of aggravating your symptoms sound good to you? Would you like to get to see
all Lisburn has to offer and NOT have nagging aches and pains to deal with?
Have you put off getting the care and attention you need and deserve because
you have been told you just have to live with it? Are you depending on
medications and frequent visits to the doctor to deal with your back problems?

IF this
describes you, or someone you love, please click


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