6 reasons why Pilates works!

Apr 23, 2021

6 reasons why Pilates works!

We all have moments of weakness and try to find an excuse not to exercise. This is just our mind attempting to challenge our motivation to get out there and do something.

Remember, if you are missing out on doing something that you love doing, because you are in pain, not strong enough, or not flexible enough, or you need to work on that core strength, then Pilates is definitely for you.

Some people don’t like high intensity exercise, but Pilates can be there for you as a more gentle form of exercise, plus has amazing

So now, why does Pilates work?

1. Mind-Body connection

Pilates helps gets your mind in tune with your body. It improves body awareness and leads muscles to posture control, and understanding of movements. With an emphasis on the quality of movement with complete concentration and precision you will become acutely aware of how your body works, how it feels and what it needs.

2. Improved Posture

The Pilates Method promotes better posture and balance by teaching alignment and stability. It helps build a strong core by activating the lower abdominals along with the muscles closest to the spine, giving the spine support to lengthen.

3. Restful sleep

Something we hear very frequently about how good a night’s sleep people have after their Pilates class. This goes back to that mind-body connection, and focusing on you, when exercising. The focus on breathing helps the mind becomes settled, thus, better sleep!

4. Improved body

The beauty of Pilates is that it is a whole body exercise which activates all muscles, improves coordination and increases strength, flexibility and stamina. It elongates and strengthens without building excess bulk. It increases muscle elasticity and creates a stronger core.

5. Injury prevention and treatment

Pilates was originally used for rehabilitation of Ballet students in New York! It is used extensively by physiotherapists and trainers worldwide as a form of rehabilitation – especially for back pain! The controlled movements and strengthening aspect of Pilates are ideal for preventative as well as rehabilitative purposes.

6. Pilates for all

The best thing about Pilates is that anyone and everyone can practice it – Guys and girls! Plus don’t forget it can be fun too, and you get to socialise and meet new people who are in exactly the same boat as you.

The movements are low impact and there are so many adaptations on the classical exercises which accommodate all levels of fitness and specific needs. No matter what your physical characteristics, your fitness experience, size, shape or age Pilates can
challenge you in a sensible and safe way.

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