Virtual Pilates

Apr 23, 2021

What is Virtual Pilates?

Virtual Pilates is a method of delivering ‘Live’ Pilates
classes to you, online, via a laptop, tablet or smartphone. It is one of the
fastest growing types of exercise in the fitness industry. It is an important
tool to make exercise accessible to everyone, especially those who are unable
to get out of the house to attend.

Figures show clients working with their trainers and
physiotherapists online has increased 400% since 2004.

People are starting to lean more towards online classes as it
offers instruction from a physiotherapist in the privacy and comfort of your
own home.

What are the benefits of Virtual Pilates?

There are many circumstantial reasons why clients can’t
attend their classes in person. When this happens, it means that clients miss
out both exercising but also miss out on forging friendships and social

Joining in with the classes using your computer, tablet or
smartphone means you can keep exercising safely and effectively under the
guidance of a trained professional. You get to achieve all those other great
benefits of Pilates such as strengthening the body, improved mobility,
relaxation, improved concentration, improved stamina and better breathing.

As the sessions are live, you can use the opportunity to ask
your physio a question about the exercises before or after the class. As the
class is interactive you also get to interact with others in the class

You don’t have to be a current client at our sessions to
join in. If you’re new to Pilates or exercise in general you might be unsure
about what types of exercise you like. This is a great opportunity for you to
learn the basics from the comfort of your living room before taking your
practice into the “real world” of Pilates classes.

How do I set up the online classes?

The classes are held using a programme called Zoom. It’s a
programme that allows you to see and hear our Pilates classes as they are happening.

1. Register your interest by giving us an email at

2. Make sure you have a computer, tablet or smartphone that
is connected to the internet.

3. Let us know which class you would like to take part in
and we will send you a link which takes you straight to the live class.

I’m not confident using technology, what do I do?

I guarantee you are not the only person who has said this. Virtual
Pilates is new territory for a lot of people so its ok to feel unsure at the

We have had lots of conversations with our clients taking
them through the steps to get started with their online classes so please do
not hesitate to give us a call or email and we will help you too.

Want to know more about Pilates, then check out our page


. Or
call us on 028 92666959, or email

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