What is a Virtual Visit?

Apr 23, 2021

What is a virtual visit?

This is a question that is being asked a lot over the last
few days. It is a question that many of our clients are unsure of what it
actually is. Many people are unaware of these kinds of consultations as they
usually come into the clinic to see us. Virtual visits can be just as important for
those people unable to attend the clinic. It is a way of helping people who are in need, without having to be in the same room at the same time.

Virtual Visit

So, a virtual visit is a medium where you get to stay in contact
with your health care professional for specialist and expert advice. These
virtual visit consultations can be conducted over the telephone or over a video
consultation on mediums such as whatsapp, zoom, skype or facetime.

In the physiotherapy field we believe the video consultation
to be the best format.

What equipment do you need?

All you need is access to a laptop, smart phone or tablet
which has a camera. If you have any of the apps such as skype, whatsapp, zoom or
facetime, we will call you or send you a link to access the consultation.



We actually get to see who we are talking with
and listening to. Really important to us!


If we need to assess movements, posture, or see
you point to areas of pain, we get to see it. The more information that we can
glean from you, the better the actual treatment you will receive.


You can receive specialist advice from the
comfort of your own home. You don’t need to leave your home. This is a valuable
tool for many people who struggle with injuries and problems that restrict them
from leaving their home.


We can assess your environment and offer advice
on changes if required.


We are able to demonstrate certain self-help
treatment techniques


We can demonstrate exercises, and more
importantly watch you perform these exercises and correct form and technique.


We get to review your progress, and amend treatment
plans as appropriate.


These consultations are individualised and
personal to each client.

We love virtual consultations. They are designed to help
you get the desired outcomes you are looking for. If you have any problems
setting them up, we can call you and help you get set up. We are here to help you.

If you need any further information on how we can help you then
please call the clinic on

028 92666959

, or email us on

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