Staying Healthy At Home – 5 Top Tips

Apr 23, 2021

5 Top Tips from Lisburn’s leading Back Pain Specialist

We have now passed through week 1 of this lockdown and move
into week 2. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the things that will
ultimately get us through these unprecedented times. I think the thing that has
most hit us at home is the daily confinement. So we are allowed out to purchase
essential shopping, go for a short walk and/or do some exercise. I found it
quite difficult as I think as an outgoing person I thrive on social interaction.
STOP!! So with that in mind I have realised that with so much restriction (for
good reason) we need to stay healthy – both physically and mentally!.

So here are my 5 top tips to help you stay healthy, not just
over the coming weeks, but think to the future too. We will get through this
dark time, and there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Do some exercise

One of my big things for staying healthy – physically and
mentally is to do some exercise. For me I usually head to my crossfit gym,
where I do exercise, but I also get to have craic with some good people and
have fun. I can’t go to the gym at the minute, but there is plenty I can do at home
(I’ve borrowed a rower) PLUS, some gyms are doing virtual online classes. In
fact, here at the clinic we are already teaching our Pilates classes online and
our clients are loving it. Remember doing exercise helps your body release
happy chemicals in your brain – excellent for mental and physical health.

There are also many other forms of exercise available, even
heading out for a walk, or doing an exercise video, just something will help. We
are heading out on our daily walk with Sophie, although she heads out on her
roller boots.



At this time of confinement, it has never been more important
to have a set routine. Routines help in many different ways but here’s my
shortlist of why a routine is so beneficial.


Better stress levels as you manage your day


Better sleep – this is your time to rest and let the body recharge


Better health


All round good example to set

If anyone has ever had a baby/young child, then hopefully
you can remember that life was easier to manage when their young one had a


Eat Healthy

I reckon we all know that this makes sense. Hopefully you
know what eating healthy is. In real basic terms for me eating healthily means
eating non processed food and cooking fresh food in a healthy way, by grilling, baking or
using a little oil to fry food. Think about eating fresh fruit and vegetables
and lean meat. This healthy eating is a whole massive topic to talk about but if you just keep it simple, then your body will appreciate it.

You need to be careful when snacking. Now, I like a biscuit
with a cup of tea, just not a lot of biscuits and just not every time. Think
about what ingredients go into food especially sugar and fats. Snacking on
fresh fruit would still be better for you. Plus drink plenty of water.


Stay connected

So, really important to stay connected with your friends or
family, especially if you live alone. Technology is so good these days that we
not only have phones, but we have video messaging services such as facetime,
whatsapp or zoom. I can’t recall a time when I have been so restricted with
social contact, so even more important to check in with your loved ones. I’ve
been checking in with the guys from Gav Noble physiotherapy to see how they are
getting using the Zoom app. It’s funny as we usually see each other in the
flesh each day, now we just use another medium. We just have a good yarn and a
catch up.


Limit the news channels/apps

I’ve made a conscious effort to limit the amount of news I
read or listen to. I understand that we are going through tough times. I don’t
mean this to sound so bad, but news can be negative, and I just don’t like to
listen to negative things. I prefer to hear positive news. Remember that good
things produce good chemicals in our bodies, that maintain good health. Positive
mindset will help carry us through and out the other side. So my advice is
catch up with the news just once a day if you like, look for the positive
stories and share them.

So that’s it in a nutshell. My top 5 tips to staying healthy
in lockdown. If you have any questions that you feel I may be able to answer
then please call the clinic 02892666959, or email

. The clinic may be closed
but we are well and truly open for virtual consultations, online Pilates. Even
if you just need to chat about something, please just call.

P.S. I feel we should also raise our hats to all those amazing
NHS staff members who are out there doing there best to keep our health system
working. There are also many unsung heroes out there too who continue to work
in supermarkets, deliver goods/shopping, and other many people who deliver services
that are vital at this time to get us all through. Thank you to them all!!

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