Personal Experience with back pain

Apr 23, 2021

My own personal experience with Pilates and back pain

I wanted to share my own story about my introduction to Pilates, as like a lot people I have also suffered from back pain, many years ago.

About 12 years ago I was forced to take a month off work due to excruciating back pain. Luckily I had access to physiotherapy very quickly through some wonderful friends. I recovered from this bout of back pain but always felt like I had something in my back that would occasionally niggle, and I just managed on.

I joined a gym with my girlfriend, and really started enjoying going there and doing many of the classes. My girlfriend then suggested we go to a Pilates class. I’ll be honest, and I say this to everyone, I thought Pilates was just for women. What a fool! I had my eyes opened after that very first class and we had a wonderful teacher. I learnt so much about
Pilates, body movement, breathing and control of body movement, even body strength.

My interest grew and grew. I could feel my body becoming stronger and more in control of the way it moved. I started to notice that my own back pain/niggle became less and less, and even now I have no back pain. I guess that my own enjoyment came with strengthening the body through movement along with improved flexibility.

So a number of years ago, I researched Pilates courses for physiotherapists and found the perfect teaching association in London. I spent the following few years going to London learning Pilates, until finally passing my teaching exams.

Pilates for me will always be a perfect adjunct treatment for back pain as I speak from a personal opinion and experience.

I would really encourage anyone with back pain to think about undertaking some Pilates. I can also say with absolute certainty that Pilates is not just for women, more and more men are starting to do Pilates as it comes with a lot of benefits. Remember too, that Pilates exercises can be easy to understand movement but also increasingly more difficult to challenge body movement and strength.

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