Men Don’t Do Pilates!

Apr 23, 2021

Men Don’t Do Pilates!

Lies, Lies, Lies! FACT

Of course men do Pilates. The person who invented Pilates
was a man!

Pilates has all the same benefits for women as it has for
men –

see here


In fact, in my experience, I have taught Pilates to a
youthful group of teenage guys who were used to going to the gym and lifting
heavy weights. When teaching them, it was very clear to see that their whole
understanding of body movement and control was somewhat lacking, and in my
opinion had the possibility of leading them on the path of future injury, if
they were not to address this.

Thankfully we did!

So guys need to understand how to move and control body
movement just as much as women do.

“But Gavin, Pilates will be too easy for guys”

Again, something I hear from time to time. And yes, guys are
in general, genetically stronger. All I say to that is, come and try Pilates.

Come and attend one of our intermediate/advanced classes and let’s see how you
do. More often than not the guys leave saying that it was more difficult than
they would have ever thought! Just ask anyone in any of our
intermediate/advanced classes. They will tell you! It’s not always easy, and
they have spent time learning the movements, getting stronger and having fun.

Men also get back pain, just like women get back pain.

pain can hold them back from doing things they love doing too – gardening,
walking, working, driving, playing sport, playing with children/grandchildren
or even DIY(footering in the shed/garage). Well, if I was able to offer men a
solution to less pain, no back pain and a path back to doing what they love
doing, then Pilates is always part of that solution – trust me, I’ve been there
and done it.

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