“Do you want hands on therapy or manual therapy? Or, do you want your problem resolved?”

Apr 23, 2021

“Do you want hands on therapy or manual therapy? Or, do you
want your problem resolved?”

It has been strange times this last month. Our clinic has
had to close due to Government restrictions and social distancing.

So, whilst our clinic may be closed, the GREAT news is that
we are still OPEN!

Why? How?

We have always believed that even if the clinic itself is
closed; we still have clients that need our help!

Being in lockdown or quarantine does not suddenly resolve
back pain, knee pain, neck or shoulder pain. Real people still continue to
suffer with these problems, and we understand that they may need us now, more
than ever.

You see isolation away from the ‘norm’, is not a familiar
place for many people. Some people have found this a strange time and place to
be in. They are now faced with the fact that they may have to suffer with their
problems at home.

They are finding their mobility reducing even further. Their
pains are not resolving in the way they thought they would. They are finding
their everyday tasks becoming more difficult. They don’t know what to do, or
who to turn to when seeking a resolution to their problem.

Here at Gav Noble Physiotherapy, we are still OPEN!

We ore open by way of Virtual Consultations or Telehealth!

We are open and helping people. We are in constant contact
with our patients, via laptops, ipads and mobile phones.

So how does that work?

We talk to all our clients by phone first. We spend time
with them getting to know what the main problem is and figuring out if there is
something we can do.

We then arrange a virtual consultation which is a video
consultation. We email you a link for the virtual consultation, and then at the
arranged time, you click on the link, and boom we see each other on screen.

Being seen on screen is really important. By doing this we are
able to see complete certain movements, do certain tests, point to areas that
are affected, and feel around the areas that are sore. All the time we will be
asking you questions about how everything feels. During this assessment we are
then able to advise on what exactly is going on with you. We will then work
with you to devise a treatment plan, show you some self-treatment techniques, show
exercises and plan a home exercise programme.

This is something quite new to many people. The fact is, that
this kind of physiotherapy consultation has been happening for many years.

Yes, this is true. And here at Gav Noble Physiotherapy, we
too have been doing this for a long time.

“But do you not need to do the hands-on stuff with me?”

The real answer to this, is not all the time.

The hands-on stuff is just a part of what we do. Yes, people
do like the hands on stuff, but there is still so much more that can be
accomplished with the other stuff too!

My question straight back to you would be –

“Do you want hands on therapy or manual therapy? Or, do you
want your problem resolved?”

By letting us see you and talk to you is one of the most
powerful tools we have.

Now, even more than ever, I would advise you or a loved one,
that if you are having a problem with your back, knee, neck or shoulder, to
please contact us and let’s see how we can help you.

Being at home alone, suffering is not the way to exist!

If you need any further information on how we can help you
then please call the clinic on 028 92666959, or email us on


We are always here to help.

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