7 Top Tips To Make Working At Home More Comfortable

Apr 23, 2021

7 Top Tips To Make Working At Home More Comfortable

For many people working from home is amazing. It’s flexible. There’s more
freedom to be in less of a rush to get to work. You are in the comfort of your
own home. You can have your lunch at home. There is no hustle and bustle of a
busy office. For those who are we prepared they may already have a suitable
desk and comfortable office chair in their home office. All sounds great,

For so many people this is not just the case!

Working from home so much and unexpectedly. Plus add in the
fact that they have not been totally prepared for it. They are now working day
in day out at the dining room table. It’s not really a great environment. But
with so many offices closed, work still needs done. Many people are finding
themselves sitting at dining room tables, on dining room chairs.

Now just in case you didn’t know: – dining room tables are
on average 3 cm higher than your average desk. Your average dining room chair
is a fixed height and is approximately 3cm lower than your adjustable office

No wonder I hear so many people talking about how uncomfortable
working from home can be.

So here are my top tips to help your homework environment
become more comfortable: –


Raise your laptop so you aren’t hunched over

– Have your screen at a height where the top of your screen is in line with
your eyebrows. Laptop stands are great tools if you have one


Get a standalone keyboard and mouse for your

– so that if your whole laptop is raised, you are not having to
reach up to the laptop. Your forearms still need to be able to rest down.


Use cushions

– That’s right use cushions.
For those dining room chairs us cushions on your seat to raise you slightly,
but also have a cushion at your lower back to give it some support. You may
need to place a book underneath your feet if they don’t touch the floor.


Adjust your work position

– yes, try
standing occasionally. If you have a raised work surface like a breakfast bar,
or a chest of drawers, try working for a short period there.


Walk and talk

– use the time on a phone
call to get up and walk about the house. One of our clients has a daily catch
up with her work team. She goes out of the house with her earphones in and
walks & talks, to get out of the house, get some exercise and create a
different work environment.


Alternate chairs

– Obviously good office
chairs are best. If that’s not possible, swap from dining chair to a stool.
Just to mix things up a bit. And, only for short periods. Please try to avoid
the sofa, as this just encourages poor neck posture and we don’t want you to
have to deal with neck, shoulder or back pain.


Take regular breaks and stretch your body

Our bodies crave movement. When they are inactive for long periods of time, our
bodies tend to stiffen up, so please take regular breaks.

So there you have it. My 7 top tips to staying comfortable
whilst working from home.

If you have any further questions about any aches or pains
or advise on working posture, please contact the clinic on 028 92666959, or email

Check out how we can help you at


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