Discovery Session

Apr 23, 2021

What is this discovery session?

We get many people asking us about what our discovery sessions at the clinic actually are.

The answer is easy!

This is an absolutely FREE 20-minute session with the physiotherapist.

The idea behind this session is to help people discover our practice to see if we are the right people to help them on their road to recovery, and………. Help them make the right decision about their health.

During this discovery session, it’s all about you! We will listen to you and find out what you are having difficulty with. We will do an
assessment so we can tell you exactly what is wrong with you. We can then decide if we feel we can help you.

The most common conditions we see at the clinic include, back pain, neck/shoulder pain and knee pain.

For someone who has been suffering from one of these problems for quite some time, then making that decision to do something about it can sometimes be difficult, especially if you have tried some form of treatment before. Remember, our aim is always to help you keep moving freely without the need for painkillers and doing the things that you love doing!!!!!

These discovery sessions prove very popular at the clinic, which is why we need to restrict the number of them.

To discover more…… please call us at the clinic on 028 92666959

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