Custom Fit Foot Orthotic vs Off The Shelf Insoles?

Apr 23, 2021

Custom Fit Foot Orthotic vs Off The Shelf Insoles?


Custom orthotics are specially-made devices designed to support and comfort YOUR feet.

Prescription orthotics are crafted for you and no one else. They match the contours of your feet precisely and are designed for the way you move. Prescription custom fit orthotics are only manufactured after you have undergone a complete evaluation of your feet, ankles, and legs, so the orthotic can accommodate your unique foot structure and pathology. A custom fit orthotic provides a more predictable response and longer-term symptom relief.

Off the shelf orthotics, are general pre-packed, mass produced arch supports. Their size is determined by your shoe size and not the shape of your foot. They can cushion your feet, and hopefully support your arches but they can’t correct your specific biomechanical issues.

The advantages of using a custom fit prescription orthotic are the excellent personalized fit with the individualized correction of biomechanical faults.

Adding Prescription Foot Orthotics to your shoes and wearing them every day is like propping up your body and giving it some much needed support that is going to let you keep active for longer than anyone else and do it with much less pain.

Imagine How NICE It Would Be If Every Time You Took A Simple Walk With Friends, Did Some Exercise Or Played A Round Of Golf, You KNEW That Your Vital Joints Were Being PROTECTED (…Meaning Less Pain At The Time OR Even When You Wake Up The Next Day)

I want you to be very aware that your prescription orthotic is specifically for you. Just like when you go to the optician, you get a pair of prescription glasses for YOU, that are specific for YOUR eyes. Our custom fit orthotics are exactly the same, they are a prescription just for YOU.

How We Make a Custom Fit Orthotic?

We invite you to the clinic, where you will be asked to remove your footwear and socks. We will have a look at your posture and your biomechanics.

We then use a scanner which uses the latest up to date scanning technology, to get an impression of your foot. The scan is then sent to our manufacturer where the prescription, custom fit orthotic is milled with precision, so that it fits exactly to YOUR foot.

We generally have to wait 1-2 weeks for the orthotic to be sent back to the clinic before you are invited back to have the orthotic fitted.

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