How Custom Fit Orthotics Can Alleviate Back Pain

Jun 5, 2023

How Custom Fit Orthotics Can Alleviate Back Pain

Back pain affects millions of people worldwide, impacting their daily activities and overall quality of life. While there are various treatment options available, custom fit orthotics have gained recognition for their ability to provide relief from back pain. In this blog post, we will explore how custom fit orthotics can help alleviate back pain and highlight the advanced scanning technology used by Gav Noble Physiotherapy to create personalised orthotics that promote proper body alignment.

Understanding Back Pain

Back pain can have multiple causes, including poor posture, muscle imbalances, or spinal abnormalities. It often results in discomfort, limited mobility, and reduced functionality. While treatment options such as pain medications and physical therapy are commonly prescribed, addressing the underlying biomechanical issues can provide long-term relief.

The Role of Orthotics

Orthotics are shoe inserts designed to support and align the feet, which in turn can positively impact the entire body’s biomechanics. By providing the necessary support and stability, orthotics help distribute body weight evenly, correct foot alignment, and improve overall posture. This can alleviate stress on the spine and reduce back pain.

The Benefits of Custom Fit Orthotics

  1. Individualised Support: Custom fit orthotics are tailored to each individual’s unique foot structure and biomechanics. This ensures that the orthotics provide optimal support and alignment for the specific needs of the wearer.
  2. Proper Body Alignment: By correcting foot alignment, custom fit orthotics can help align the entire body. This reduces stress on the spine, promotes better posture, and alleviates back pain caused by imbalances or abnormal movement patterns.
  3. Enhanced Shock Absorption: Orthotics with advanced materials and design provide effective shock absorption, reducing the impact on the joints and spine during walking or other weight-bearing activities.
  4. Improved Muscular Function: By promoting better alignment and reducing excessive strain on muscles, custom fit orthotics can help improve muscle function and reduce muscle fatigue. This contributes to reduced back pain and improved overall mobility.

Gav Noble Physiotherapy’s Advanced Scanning Technology

Gav Noble Physiotherapy is at the forefront of orthotics technology, utilising the latest scanning technology to create custom fit orthotics. With the help of cutting-edge tools, such as a 3D scanner, it accurately captures the foot’s shape. This data is then used to design orthotics that provide precise support and alignment, addressing the root causes of back pain.

The Process of Obtaining Custom Fit Orthotics

To obtain custom fit orthotics, a visit to Gav Noble Physiotherapy begins with a comprehensive assessment of your feet, lower limbs, and posture. Advanced scanning technology is used to obtain detailed measurements and data. This information is then analysed by specialists to create orthotics that are custom-made to fit your unique needs and provide optimal support for your body.

The Impact of Proper Alignment

When the feet are properly aligned, the entire body benefits. Correcting foot alignment with custom fit orthotics helps restore natural biomechanics and can relieve strain on the spine. This promotes proper body alignment, reduces back pain, and enhances overall function and mobility.


If you are struggling with back pain, considering custom fit orthotics could be a step toward finding relief and improving your quality of life. Gav Noble Physiotherapy’s use of the latest scanning technology ensures that the orthotics provided are tailored to your specific needs, promoting proper body alignment and reducing stress on the spine. Don’t let back pain stop you from doing the things you love doing. Remember that orthotics are just one of the strings in our bow that can help back pain. Our specialist therapists have many more skills in their arsenal that help you get over back pain and help you back to your best.

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