Walking can help back pain!!

Apr 23, 2021

Walking can help back pain!!

Find out more about the benefits of walking and how it can help back pain.

Here at our clinic we are often asked about what kind of exercise will help with back pain.

We see hundreds of people every year with back pain. They are looking for answers to their problem , and we count ourselves very fortunate to be in a position to help them get back to things they love doing. Walking is really one of the things that most of us can do, it’s free, but it’s also one of those things we can really miss if you’re unable to do it. It’s quite important to be able to get out, even for a short walk around the supermarket.

So lets take a look at walking. Walking is a relatively low impact form of exercise. Now there are some forms of back pain which may be aggravated by walking, if that is the case with you then please seek further medical advice. For those people who are able to get out there and go walking, here is why you should:-

  • Walking helps to strengthen the muscles in your trunk, lower back, core, legs, knees and ankles. With inactivity, these muscles can become weak and deconditioned. With this deconditioning comes weakness, fatigue, injury and pain.
  • Walking nourishes our spinal structures by encouraging blood flow, pumping nutrients into soft tissue and flushing away pain causing toxins.
  • Walking can help improve flexibility and posture, again by strengthening the muscles but keeping the muscles moving through ranges of motion prevents stiffness and tightness, leading to less chance of injury.
  • Walking is a weight bearing exercise. This helps to keep bones strong and helps prevent osteoporosis and reduce osteoarthritic pain.
  • Walking as a form of exercise helps your body to release certain chemicals which are called endorphins. You can think of these chemicals as your ‘happy’, naturally released chemicals in your body. They help to reduce pain and trigger a positive feeling in your body. How good is that? When produced they can also reduce stress levels, ward off anxiety & stress, boost self esteem and improve sleep. Again, our bodies are absolutely amazing!!
  • Walking is also a great way to burn calories. Now depending on your weight, for every mile that you walk, you have the potential to burn between 53 to 200 calories.

In conclusion, walking is a great form of exercise. It has many benefits.

What is stopping You?

I will always advise you to seek proper medical advice before taking part in any form of exercise, especially if you have been suffering with any kind of injury or problem. If you have any further questions about anything above then please call us at 028 92666959, or email

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