Is It Safe To Do Exercise With A Bad Back?

Apr 23, 2021

So, this week I had a question from one of our clients.

Is it ok to do exercise if I have a bad back?

It is a question that we get asked a lot here in the

Some people have just got into a really good routine of
going to the gym or getting out running and don’t want to stop. On the other
hand, they are scared of making things worse. They still want to be able to get
out of bed in the morning without feeling stiff and sore.

I get it, and I understand that this can be one of the most
frustrating things.

You shouldn’t have to feel housebound, or needing to apply
creams, take painkillers, or use heat/cold packs.

If you are suffering from back pain that comes and goes,
then gentle exercise such as walking plus other movement exercises which help
to mobilise the body or strengthen the body, can help.

is a natural movement that keeps our joints mobile and muscles working. Walking
works the muscle of the legs, buttocks, abdomen and upper body, all, which play
an important role in keeping the muscles in your back that hold you up right,

combined with walking will

improve your backs strength, flexibility
and posture,

in turn,

can help stop back pain from creeping up
on you when you least expect it.

What’s more, it can also reduce how
painful it feels and how much it gets in the way of day to day life.

here’s the important question to answer now that you know it 100% is ok to
exercise even if you’ve got a bad back…

The answer is



Doing something is better than nothing. You have to listen
to your body as well though, if your pain increases to an unbearable point then
you are probably doing too much. Therefore, the option I prefer is little and
often until you feel you have built up the strength to exercise for longer.

exercise can you actually be doing? Because of course, too much exercise, or
exercise that’s strenuous could make it worse or keep it hanging around longer.

Introducing Pilates…

Pilates was an exercise form developed by Joseph Pilates
during the first World War. He worked as a ward orderly in a hospital teaching
exercise to injured soldiers who were injured. He moved to New York in the
1920’s and opened his first Pilates studio where he taught exercise to injured
ballet dancers.

Since then the exercise form has progressed, evolved and is
used widely as a form of exercise to help with back pain by Physiotherapists.

So why does Pilates work?

To break things down simply, Pilates is a form of exercise
where we learn to strengthen the body through movement.

Pilates is based on nine basic principles of:-






Postural alignment




In short, it’s a controlled form of exercise. You strengthen
the body with specific exercises. You stretch tight and shortened muscles. For people with lower back pain,
stretching is important. Stretching the muscles in your legs actually helps to
increase range of movement in your hips, taking the stress off your lower back
– which in addition increases blood flow, allowing nutrients to flow in, taking
care of the muscles in your back

It’s also one of the best
forms of exercise to maintain and improve a healthy posture. Great for your
back, easing back pain in, and add to that it feels great when you can walk
around confident and tall.

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