Four Surprising Causes Of Neck Pain

Apr 23, 2021

Four Surprising Causes Of
Neck Pain

If you are experiencing regular neck pain that just won’t
go away, it’s possible that parts of your daily routine are contributing
without you realising. Here are a few common everyday activities that might be
making your neck pain worse.

1. Your sleeping position

It’s easy to underestimate the impact your sleeping position has however,
spending hours in one position will undoubtedly have an effect on your body.
Pillows that are too high or too flat can mean your cervical joints are sitting
at the end of their range in too much flexion or extension. Similarly, sleeping
on your stomach often means your thoracic spine is locked into extension and
your neck is fully rotated. In simpler terms, this means your joints are under
more stress than necessary. Ideal sleeping posture allows your spine to
maintain it’s natural curves.

2. Your daily commute

Many of us make sure our work stations are ergonomically set up to reduce
stress and strain throughout the day. Few of us take the same consideration
when it comes to driving. In fact, the set up of your car can be just as
important as your work-desk, particularly if you are driving more than 30
minutes everyday. The correct setup in your car can mean you use less effort to
drive and turn your head less often to check traffic.

Ensuring that your steering wheel, seat and mirrors are set up correctly
could make a difference to your posture and even perhaps reduce neck pain and
headaches. If you find that driving is still affecting your pain after making
these changes, try catching public transport or riding a bike on alternative

3. Your downtime

Many of us
unwind by watching TV or our laptops at the end of the day. Your position
during this time can be something you give little thought to however, looking
up to view a screen mounted on a wall or looking down at a small screen or
laptop can put pressure on the upper structures of the neck. Take a few minutes
to consider what posture you’re sitting in before settling down to binge watch
a series and see if you can either lower the height of your screen or raise it
slightly so your neck can be in a more neutral position.

4. Your exercise routine

Any activity that requires sustained positions or repetitive neck
movements can contribute to neck pain. Cyclists can be stuck in neck extension
while looking ahead and breast stroke swimmers can also have excess neck
extension. Freestyle swimmers with reduced thoracic or neck rotation can have
difficulty achieving rotation when breathing which can cause pain and
discomfort over time.

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Your physiotherapist is able to
identify any daily habits or activities that might be contributing to your neck
pain. Come and see us for an appointment to see how we can help. None of the information in this article is a
replacement for proper medical advice. Always see a medical professional for
advice on your individual injury.

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