5 Things You Could Be Doing That Makes Back Pain Worse

Apr 23, 2021

5 Things You Could Be Doing That Makes
Back Pain Worse

Christmas is a busy time of year. Most
people tend to be busy doing the following: – Christmas present shopping,
partying, visiting family and friends, working hard to get deadlines met before
the holidays, and worrying about where and when the grocery shopping will be

We become so busy that we often forget
to look after ourselves, because something just needs done.

This brings us to Mary, who visited
our clinic last week. Mary had been suffering with mild back pain for about a
month. She had generally been ignoring it, thinking it would just go away. She
then went out shopping in the town to get some Christmas presents and ended up
carrying some bags home, one which contained a heavy Christmas present for her
grand-daughter. She could feel that the weight of the bag was starting to gradually
make her back pain worse. By the time she got home she was in agony. She called
the clinic and we were able to see her the following day.

Now Mary, has now received a few
treatments and is well on her way to recovery, and is looking forward to
getting back in to town to complete her Christmas shopping for her other
grandchildren – nothing too heavy this time…………..

If you are like Mary, then the
following top pieces of advice could be incredibly useful for you too..

These next top tips are useful for
most people, although this list is not exhaustive, there may just be a little
gem which could help you..

Shopping –

you go out shopping, be careful not to get too laden down with heavy or even
many bags of shopping. This can add extra stress to the muscles and joints in
your spine and in turn increase lower back pain. Although it may add extra time
onto your shopping, make frequent trips back to your car to drop shopping bags
off, or bring someone else with you to help share the load.

Ignoring pain –

When you ignore pain, your pain most likely
will continue to have pain or it will quietly grumble away in the background.
It will continue to grumble until one day it maj just suddenly get worse. Why
not be like Mary, get in touch with the clinic, and let one of our specialist
physiotherapists get to the root cause of the problem, so that you don’t need
to go into Christmas worrying about niggling aching back pain.

Lack of Exercise

– If you don’t exercise then the body will
stiffen up. You will always here me say, ‘doing something, is better than doing
nothing’. Vital that we all do a little bit of exercise. Whether that is a bit
of walking or swimming, you should always incorporate a bit of stretching and
strength exercise too. A great way to incorporate these is to take up some
Pilates. It’s an awesome form of exercise to stretch, strengthen the body, stay
mobile, move freely and strengthen the core.


– yes partying can make back pain worse. It’s really the wearing of high heels.
High heels alter the way you walk, which leads to bad posture and back pain,
even knee pain too. Try a soft cushioned pair of shoes instead. Don’t let
fashion, get in the way of a healthy back.


– sitting long periods also tightens up the body as muscles and joints don’t
move. They then stiffen, and this tends to worse as we get older. So, avoid
sitting long periods, no longer than 20 minutes, then get up and have a great
stretch, short walk. You will feel so much better for it.

If you want to know any
more tips on how to ease back pain, click here to download my free report today



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