Tips to Increase Your Incidental Exercise

Nov 23, 2022

Tips to Increase Your Incidental Exercise

What is Incidental Exercise?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to lose weight easily or rarely put it on? Scientists have found that people who are constantly moving will burn more energy each day, making weight loss easy without relying on the painful intense bouts of exercise at the gym. It turns out that not being able to sit still can be good for your health.

Their secret is called “incidental exercise”. This describes an activity that is not planned but incorporated into your daily routine. It’s not necessarily about getting your heart rate up, or building muscle, but more about regularly being active and keeping your body moving.


One of the biggest health risks in our modern lifestyle is inactivity, and half an hour at the gym each day isn’t going to reverse the effects of sitting down all day long. The good news is that you can easily incorporate incidental exercise into your day.

Here are a few ideas…

Walk/ride/skate to work. For those who live close enough.
If you must drive to work, park further away and walk ten minutes in and out.

At every opportunity, take the stairs, instead of the elevator. When you pick up the kids up from school take time to play and get involved.

If you work in an office…

Try to take all phone calls standing up, if you are on the phone for an extended period, walk around. It can actually help you to focus.

Sit on an unstable surface, such as a fit ball, or stand up to work.

If you have to chat with a colleague, ask them to go for a coffee run with you and chat on the way.

At home…

Put on some music and be more active while cleaning, gardening or hanging out the washing.
Make family time active time. Go for a family bike ride or make it part of your routine to go for a walk right after dinner.

None of the information in this post is a replacement for proper medical advice. Always see a medical professional for advice on your individual injury.

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