Startling facts about ‘cracking’ knees

Apr 23, 2021

Everything that you should and need to know

Cracking knees is something that we get asked about all the
time in the clinic. People worry when they hear cracking, popping, or even
grating in their knees.

Research tells us that this causes negative emotions, inaccurate
beliefs about what is actually happening with our body and ultimately fear
avoidance behaviour.


You are about to find out all about that cracking or
crepitus as it is also known.

Research has found that a high percentage of people suffer
from these clicks and cracks or pops with absolutely no pain, and that it is
absolutely NORMAL! There is no research to date that has been able to prove
that there is any relationship between the noises and any active disease.

So what are the noises?


A snapping feeling over the bone, may just be a
tendon snapping over the bony protuberances.


Inside the joint, displacement of the bones can
create a vacuum and leads to the collapse of gas bubbles within the synovial
fluid. This is where you hear the characteristic pop or like clicking of


Research has shown that cracking of knuckles has
no significant reason for arthritis to become worse.


A ‘clunk’ in the knee for example, could be just
the movement of the knee cap over the knee. The movement can be jerky and cause
vibrations. This can be due to loss of joint lubrication or lack of joint


Fine grating sounds, are normal too. This is where
joint fluid flows through a slightly rougher joint surface



The Eland Antelope from Eastern and Southern
Africa, uses knee cracking as a display of dominance

So knee cracking is not always a sign of underlying disease,
but can be viewed as a healthy, mobile and well lubricated joint.

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