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I look forward to Pilates every week. The class is great fun and we’ve all become friends which makes it even more enjoyable. The class is always varied and challenges us to improve and become stronger. It’s very rewarding when I can do exercises now which I found difficult at first and thought I would never be able to do!


Thanks to team GN we’re glad to say that attending Pilates has been a great benefit. Evidenced by an ability to do things like furniture removal for family members and feeling fit and well enough to do this.

Philip and Trish

Thanks for the Monday morning class, the abs definitely were feeling it yesterday so I must have been doing the exercises right!


Have to say that I was very happy with the service and care I have received from Laurence and Gavin. I only started recently to try to help strengthen my core and gain relief from back pain. Gavin has quietly adjusted any movements for me, which I have appreciated. I am back to work now so will be attending some of the evening classes instead of the morning ones. Looking forward to them and many thanks.


Just to say I thoroughly enjoy my weekly Pilates class. Sometimes its a struggle to get there but I always feel the better for going! The classes are relaxed and friendly and I like the fact that the weekly routine varies. It is good to feel like your whole body is getting used. I have a greater awareness of how carrying tension in one part of your body can impact on your whole system.


Really enjoying the classes particularly that they are small and you can get individual attention if needed. I find that they really help loosen me up when my back is being troublesome.


I would like to say how much I enjoy the Pilates classes, you are all so helpful, courteous and above all very professional. Thank you!


Thank heaven for Pilates on a Wednesday to de-stress 🙂 I have been attending Pilates now for approximately five years, and I really notice the progress I have made – with still plenty to achieve! I found the transition from the large room at Trinity to the Clinic difficult at first but now enjoy the intimacy of the smaller room and ability to get to know my fellow mat mates better.


I am enjoying Pilates very much. I am much more flexible and energetic than I have ever been. Chris explains each exercises we do, shows us how to do them properly and takes the time to explain what benefits they have. I would recommend Pilates to everyone of all ages.


I’ve taken Pilates classes with both Chris and Gavin and can honestly say it’s one of the highlights of my week. This maybe isn’t your typical class, not so much soothing waterfall music and mindfulness, more chilled out tunes and a bit of craic. That said the guys clearly know their stuff, they offer challenging classes and are always on hand to make a correction or offer an alternative. The small classes are great. You always feel that you are in a safe pair of hands. Plus the classroom is always clean which makes a difference from so many other studios.


Really enjoy the classes, my balance has improved so much.


Hi Gav,had a great morning with Chris doing a great full on beginners Pilates class, came out feeling blessed to have found you. My body is so much more flexible & I feel really good after each class. Thank you


The Pilates class for beginners is great! Hard work, yes, but everyone is welcome, there is always the possibility to adapt the exercises to personal ability or to take into account a specific pain/issue. I would definitely recommend this class!


I would be very happy to recommend Gavin Noble Physiotherapy because

Venue. Very Good
Group sizes. Very Good not too big Class times. Plenty of classes to choose from
Staff. Very friendly and welcoming team of workers. Plenty of laughter. 😀
Instructors. Always feel confident in Pilates class and would be happy to ask for assistance

Keep up the good work


Absolutely love the Pilates classes. Chris is excellent both at explaining what to do, as I was a beginner, and at making you feel at ease. Nice small classes too so it’s easier to follow and get help when needed. Had no back pain at all while I was attending classes. Would have no hesitation in recommending Gavin and Chris.


Felt great after my first session! Highly recommend these classes on my 5th class already and my core has already strengthened! The guys are so nice and very friendly 🙂


I’ve been attending Pilates classes now for 2 years having started as a form of rehab after hip surgery. I initially didn’t know what to expect or if I would even enjoy the class but I think the time frame says it all!! – my hip is strong and pain free, I’ve been through shoulder rehab recently and even now I still look forward to my weekly attendance.

The Pilates classes are engaging and informative with the odd bit of banter thrown in for good measure. The mix of stretches and movements both with and without bands, rings etc. keep attendees challenged, yet Chris is considerate to each persons needs and will willingly alter an exercise to suit as and when needed, so that you as an individual get the most from the class. Nothing is or has been too much trouble.

Work commitments mean I can only get to an evening class. To date I’ve attended classes with Chris on a Tuesday evening, and more recently the intermediate class on a Thursday evening.


I have been going to Gavin’s class for nearly 6 years now. I find them to be so beneficial as I used to suffer bouts of lower back pain. I was also able to attend the advanced class throughout all 9 months of my pregnancy. Gavin adapted the movements so they were suitable for me. I couldn’t recommend these classes highly enough.


Well my story began 3 years ago when walking to work and back started to get pain in my back which graduated down my left leg. Stupidly I tried walking it off and ignoring the fact that my foot was numb. Long story short referred to physio with not a lot of success. A friend suggested Pilates and mentioned a little place in Antrim Street. So decided it was time to do the right thing and signed up for classes. Now in to my 4th year I am still a work in progress but I cannot thank you guys enough. Especially the intensive physio I had with Chris which got the feeling back in my foot and my back is so much better too.

Keep up the good work boys. Great team!
😁 👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


To all the handsome Pilate Instructors I have been doing Pilates for about 2 years and I have lost count of the number of times people have said to me “You have lost a lot of weight” . Initially this concerned me as I am not on a diet but then I realised that it must be due to Pilates. It has improved my posture and my core strength. My mental well being has improved. So all in all Pilates is good for the body and soul.


Love my weekly Pilates class with Chris. Craic is always good. It is a great way to end the working week – relaxing yet feeling you are doing something to improve general fitness and well- being.


I really enjoy pilates and since I started I have really noticed the difference in my body. I feel more flexible and slightly stronger, I’m sure the longer I attend the better I’ll feel.

Chris has been a fantastic instructor. He makes me feel relaxed in class and takes on board what everyone says regarding health issues.

I feel dizzy at times when lying on the floor and he has helped make me more comfortable by getting higher and softer neck blocks.

I know it sounds like a small gesture but it really makes a difference.


I liked that the class was small so the instructor (Chris) was able to keep an eye and give us one to one help if we required.

Although he worked us hard it was all very friendly banter and time passed really quickly .

The equipment was great and everything we needed was all supplied so all we had to do was turn up.

I do hope to get back to Pilates soon , I found that it really helped strengthen my core which in turn helped the issues i have with my back.


Initially I joined not knowing what to expect and to accompany a friend, but since joining I have found it to be very beneficial and thoroughly enjoyable. Both Chris and yourself are excellent instructors and make the class fun and the time goes really quick. Each week is varied and targets all areas. Being told that we have improved is good to hear and we are never made to feel silly if we can’t completely master every movement.


As you know, I think the Pilates sessions are great! I really enjoy the camaraderie in the class and the opportunity to build strength and flexibility, often in areas I didn’t know I was deficient. I particularly enjoy the classes where there are lots of progressions and I feel pushed to work hard and develop.


I really have only positive things to say. I really enjoy the class and never have to persuade myself to go, unlike other forms of exercise that I’m less enthusiastic about!

I think you both do an excellent job at explaining the exercises and providing variety in the classes. I also feel you have gauged the level of the class very well and made it incrementally more challenging in a manageable way.


I go to Chris’s class on a Tuesday at 7. I find it great – a good mix of different exercises each week.


I enjoy the variety of the exercises.
The Pilates class has helped my joints to feel much more supple & I feel stronger.
Everyone attending the classes is very friendly and all the instructors make the class enjoyable.