How to Make The Most Of Your Physiotherapy Treatment

Apr 23, 2021

How to Make The Most Of Your Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy treatment can be life changing, helping you
recover from traumatic injuries, chronic pain and get you on the road to your
best performance levels. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out
of your physiotherapy treatment.

1. Ask your therapist questions about your injury

your condition and how to best manage it is one of the most important factors
for a successful recovery. Effective therapists allow time for you to ask
questions in a non-judgmental environment. There are no stupid questions, if
you don’t understand what is happening in your own body it is harder to follow
advice and stick to protocols. This can also help you to cope with pain and
feel less helpless in your recovery.

2. Follow your therapist’s
advice and do your exercises

Home exercises are
a key part of your recovery, especially when treatment times are limited. Try
to stick to your exercise program as seriously as you would a medicine
schedule. It is also important to ensure that you are doing your exercises
correctly at home. Don’t be afraid to double and triple check your technique
before leaving your appointment.

Your therapist will also provide you with advice regarding activities to
avoid, how to stretch, when to rest and how to avoid further injury. If you’re
not sure about something, ask your therapist to write it down for you.

3. Notice your

Nothing can be more disheartening than feeling like the appointments and
exercises you’re dilliegently attending to are making no difference. As
thereapists, we make regular measurements to track your improvement and know
that while your symptoms might be staying constant, you are actually moving more and increasing stress on
your body as you recover. Set your own measurements to help you track your
recovery. This can help you stick to treatment and feel more positive as you
complete your recovery journey.

4. Set goals and work with your physio
to meet these.

The goals of recovery are different for everyone. Some of us want to be
able to reach peak performance, such as running a marathon. For others, just
getting through the day with a little less pain would be a huge success. Know
your own goals and take the time to discuss this with your therapist, who will
guide your treatment to help you meet these milestones.

Our physiotherapists are happy
to discuss your condition with you and share their tips to help you stay

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