How To Create Your Own At Home Gym

Apr 23, 2021

Ideas to help create your own gym at home.

Staying active at home can be challenging
especially when many of us don’t have access to our local gym. Physical health
and wellbeing are equally important both
mental health and with this in mind, we’re offering a few suggestions for how
to use everyday home objects to stay in shape. Even if you don’t have access to
a single piece of gym equipment, there are many items in your home that can be
used to keep you active.

Water bottles, soup cans or jug of laundry detergent

– these things are substitutes for dumbbells. The size or weight of the
bottles or cans will depend on how heavy you can lift. If you have empty water
bottles just sitting around in your garage, fill them with sand or rocks for a
heavier load.


– choose the
most stable chair in your house then you can start doing triceps dips and
push-ups. When you do these exercises, you’re using your own body weight, thus,
eliminating the need for other equipment.


– these can
be used to strengthen and stretch your muscles. For example, place each of your
hands on the ends of the towel. Bring your arms over your head and then, pull
the towel on both sides. Doing so can tone your arm muscles. For stretching,
hold one end of the towel and position one arm as if you’re doing a triceps
curl. Place your other arm behind your lower back and hold the towel. Pull the
towel downwards until you feel a stretch on your triceps. Hold that position
for 30 seconds and do that for five repetitions. Repeat this on your other arm.


– if you’re
having a hard time perfecting your squats, standing with your back against the
wall can help as it promotes the proper posture and alignment of your body when
doing squats.


– going up
and down the stairs will boost your cardio level. To challenge yourself
further, run up and down the stairs a couple of times a day. You can also
strengthen your calves on the first step of the stairs by doing toe lifts.


, volleyball or soccer ball – use any of these balls as a medicine ball
alternative. These would be great for thigh and leg squeezes. You can also use
the balls if you want to improve your balance.


– get your backpack and fill it with anything you want. Just make sure
you’ll be able to carry it. When you’re ready, do some squats, lunges and
push-ups. The added weight on your backpack maximizes your workout by engaging
your muscles better and getting your heart rate up faster.

Working out at home can require a little more
creativity but can be done! Speak to one of our physiotherapists for more tips
so you can keep active at home.

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