Driving, How To Look After Your Back!

Apr 23, 2021

Driving, how to look after your back!

you suffer from, or have ever suffered with back pain, then you will know that
driving can be a real problem. Sometimes, just getting in and out of a car
brings on excruciating pain. Sitting in the car, bus or lorry seat can be
highly uncomfortable, especially as sometimes there is little to support the
back. Then as you begin to repeatedly press at the pedals, the stress and
strain that is put on your back is quite suddenly becomes increasingly more

what this can mean to those people who drive regularly to and from work, on
long car journeys, or even for those people who drive for a living, such as
taxi drivers, bus drivers, lorry drivers and even airline pilots!

means time off work, loss of income, days, weeks or even months of pain!

a recent study of business car drivers at least half said that they had
suffered from low back pain in the last 12 months. Approximately 30-60% of
drivers report back pain that is made worse by driving.

not possible to recommend specific cars to avoid back pain as we all vary in
shape and size.

we can do to help, is make recommendations about your driving position and
posture to help. I would also strongly advise any person who is suffering with
back pain, to contact a specialist Physiotherapist who will be able to advise
you on what you can do for back pain.

after your driving posture, you should take into account all of the following


Your seat should be comfortable, supportive and


Sit with your buttocks as close as possible to
the back rest. Your legs should be slightly bent when you press a pedal to the


Adjust the seat length so your thighs are in
contact with the seat almost up to the back of the knees.


Sit with your shoulders as close as possible to
the backrest. Adjust the angle of the backrest so that you can reach the
steering wheel with arms bent. Shoulders should stay in contact with the back
rest as you turn the steering wheel.


A lumbar support should be adjusted properly so
that it fully supports the natural curves of your spine.


Adjust the height and tilt of the seat to allow
your feet to reach the pedals without stretching.


You should be able to reach all hand controls
easily and have a clear view on all sides and display instruments.


Check the angle of the headrest. The upper edge
should be aligned with the top of your head. Adjust to allow three quarters of
an inch between your head and the headrest.


Remember, the more adjustable features in your
car, the greater the likelihood of achieving good comfortable postures.


Finally, know your limits, take regular breaks,
and stretch often during breaks.

you have any further questions about back pain or how to help ease it, then
please feel free to contact the clinic at 028 9266 6959, or


also have access to our FREE 7 Easy ways to beat Back Pain report, here.

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