Did you know your ankle, knee, hip or back pain could be caused by flat feet and rubbish footwear?

Aug 31, 2022

Did you know your ankle, knee, hip or back pain could be caused by flat feet and rubbish footwear?


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Fortunately, there is a natural drug free pain relief solution which could be perfect for you – orthotic shoe inserts!

Orthotic inserts are designed to align the foot into the most anatomically efficient position. They simply fit into your shoe and allow for more normal weight distribution throughout your body, significantly reducing your pain and discomfort and preventing injuries.

If your feet are commonly in an incorrect position, this can cause muscle imbalances and overuse of muscles

  • Commonly the knee, hips or lower back muscles which then take the responsibility of helping to properly align your body.

Who needs Orthotic shoe inserts?

There are lots of people who have visited our clinic and benefitted from orthotic inserts, including people with-

  • Plantar fasciitis/foot problems
  • Heel pain
  • Flat feet
  • High foot arches
  • Arthritis
  • Lower leg injuries
  • Jobs where people walk lots
  • Ankle, knee, shin, back and neck pain

If you have arthritis in your feet, or recognise that you walk with your feet turned out, our custom made orthotic shoe inserts could be a powerful tool to help you ease the imbalances which would ease muscle tightness and provide pain relief.

Orthotic shoe inserts can be purchased ‘off the shelf’ from lots of retailers, or online, and made in lots of sizes. The problem with ‘off the shelf’ orthotic shoe inserts is that they are generic and not customized to your specific foot structure and therefore very unlikely to provide the correct support you need to fix your problem. In fact buying ‘off the shelf’ may actually make the problem WORSE!

The alternative is to get custom made orthotic shoe inserts, which we provide at Gav Noble physiotherapy. Our inserts are 100% custom made and built for your feet, which ensures that your foot position and weight distribution is correct. In turn, the muscles causing pain are thus in less demand = pain relief.

You can find out more about shoe inserts/orthotics HERE.

To see if custom made orthotics could help you, call 028 9266 6959 to book your FREE consultation. Places are limited as we can be very busy.

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