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Golf Conditioning

Golf Conditioning

"We Will Help You Play The Game You Love With less Pain!"
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Inside find out all about the following:-
  • Find out what strategies you can use to help you with your golf game
  • Find out about how correct breathing can help your swing
  • Using regular exercise will help your game
  • How should you warm up
  • How you should practice
  • Club fitting
  • Plus more...........

Physical conditioning

People struggle really hard at golf and don't get better because they don't address the physical side. Golf is an athletic sport that requires physical conditioning. Most golfers just can't do what a good swing requires them to do
physical exercise
As an athletic sport, golf requires physical conditioning to improve performance and prevent injury. 
 Golf conditioning incorporates exercises that build strength and flexibility and improves posture, alignment and balance. 
Golf requires control, strength, concentration, flexibility and stability. With lack of control, the body is very susceptible to injury. 
Gavin Noble has undertaken specialist training in golf conditioning. 
Tournament warm up
  • Private instruction
  • Swing biomechanics
  • Analysis/custom programme
  • Golf conditioning clinics
  • Golf conditioning classes
  • Combined golf pro/conditioning clinic
  • Tournament warm up

Our conditioning programme offers the following:

  • Improved posture means improve rotation = more powerful drives
  • Increase strength and flexibility means faster club head speed = longer drives
  • Improve balance and co-ordination = improved swing dynamics
  • Identify and strengthen the core = hitting the ball with more force
  • Define and improve muscle tone = stabilises the pelvis and hips for straighter drives
  • Increase energy levels = 18 holes of stamina


It’s not the big muscles that you target, it’s the little core muscles that give you stability and rotational speed.”
Greg Norman in Sports Illustrated

"More than 60% of all recreational golfers will suffer one or more golf related injuries during the course of their playing career. Most of these injuries result from poor mechanics, a lack of flexibility and generally poor golf (physical) conditioning"
Physicians and Sports Medicine
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Deanna E. Zenger
Executive Director
Association of Golf Fitness Professionals™
"Gavin Noble is our senior instructor in the U.K. and has travelled as far as South Africa to receive training in our programs. Being a physiotherapist, as well as a Pilates instructor, coupled with golf specific training via our programmes, Gavin has an exceptional skill set to assist golfers at any level. He excels at understanding what a golfer needs for a consistent and powerful swing and also how to prevent or treat injury. He is trained in the biomechanics (kinematic sequence) and also the technical aspects of the golf swing using the latest in golf 3D motion capture technology, which he has made the investment to acquire. Whether you are developing your golf game or a tour player looking to maximize the power of your swing, I would highly recommend training with Gavin Noble."
Gavin Noble can plan, design, teach and implement an individualised exercise/conditioning programme that will improve your ability as a golfer and your ability to swing a golf club. 
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